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Law & Order: SVU Icons

For Your Viewing Pleasure

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Your mod is x_lostinyou_x
My old username - ilovemunch_04

This community was made because people were starting to post a alot of icons in the lawandordersvu community, and there were starting to be more icon posts than svu disscusions. But, that's all okay, because we have our own Law & Order:SVU Icon community now!! There's just a few rules...


1) Please, only post icons related to L&O:SVU

2) If you are posting more than 3 icons, please use the LJ cut.

3) Please, no negative comments about anyones posts. We should all be friendly here.

4) Have Fun!!

.link back to the community.

Use this code:
Replace all the *'s with carrots(i.e.<>)

href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/svu_icons" target="_blank"**IMG SRC="http://img40.photobucket.com/albums/v123/x_lostinyou_x/lost6.jpg" border=0**/A*

and dont forget,

SVU is love